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About Us

The Canadian Post-M.D. Education Registry (CAPER) is the central repository for statistical information on postgraduate medical education in Canada. CAPER maintains individual-level data for all postgraduate medical residents and fellows. Data is gathered on an annual basis from all 17 Canadian Faculties of Medicine. CAPER records capture data throughout postgraduate medical training as well as ongoing practice location following post-M.D. training.

The Annual Census of Post-M.D. Trainees is CAPER’s flagship report. It gives a detailed statistical profile of post-M.D. trainees in Canada, including:

  • The numbers and types of physicians being trained in family medicine, surgical, laboratory and other medical specialties;
  • The socio-demographic characteristics of postgraduate trainees, such as age and sex distribution;
  • The distribution of post-M.D. trainees across provinces and Faculties of Medicine;
  • The numbers of international medical graduates (IMGs) and visa trainees studying in Canada;
  • The number of residents and fellows exiting post-M.D. training programs;
  • Ongoing practice location of postgraduate trainees following training.

CAPER publications and services are designed for statistical and research purposes. Data collection is carried out according to strict Protection of Personal Information and CAPER promotes best practices with its data sharing partners.

Established in 1986, CAPER is a partnership of professional medical organizations and federal/provincial/territorial governments. CAPER’s work is made possible through the financial support of its contributing members. We would like to acknowledge and thank our contributing partners for their support of the Canadian Post-M.D. Education Registry.