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Data Clearinghouse

We are pleased to introduce the CAPER Data Clearinghouse (CAPER DC). For over thirty years CAPER has acted as a trusted third-party linker of datasets for a variety of projects anonymously linking data across various organizations. We are now formalizing this role through the creation of the CAPER DC.

A major obstacle to performing research on medical education, particularly longitudinal research, is the fact that datasets about a single student exist across multiple organizations that are not connected to each other. As part of a research project and in following with relevant Privacy laws it can be desirable to anonymously link data together such that neither participating organization can identify the specific individual that a linked record pertains too.

CAPER DC fills this gap by acting as a trusted third-party linker utilizing both deterministic and probabilistic linkage techniques to provide anonymized linked files to researchers. We consider the potential identification of records by excluding direct identifiers (e.g., names) and consideration of quasi-identifiers (e.g., postal code, date of birth) before releasing data.

If you are working on a project that requires the anonymous linkage of datasets please reach out to us today ( for more information.