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Special Reports and Presentations

Gender analysis of postgraduate medical trainees in Canada 2018
Physician Opportunities in Canada 2017
Tracking postgraduate medical trainees through practice 2017
CCME AFMC/CAPER Forum - Partnerships in Research 2017
AFMC - Leveraging AFMC Data for Greater Influence 2017
McMaster University - Data Sharing for Research Purposes 2017
Trends in Transfers within Canadian Postgraduate Training 2017
Physician Opportunities in Canada 2017
CAPER & Data Analysis Workshop, CCME 2016 2016
Medical Education Data Workshop 2015
CAPER Colloquium 2014
CAPER Special Report on Family Medicine 2012
CAPER-ORIS Forum: Canada's Faculties of Medicine by the Numbers 2011
Canadian Medical Forum: Recent Post-M.D. Training Trends 2011
AFMC Postgraduate Deans Retreat: You Have Questions, We Have Answers - CAPER Data and Services 2011
International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE): Postgraduate Medical Education Trends in the Context of Health Care Priorities 2010
On the Move: A retrospective, longitudinal view of physician migration patterns in Canada 2010
CAPER-ORIS Forum: Canada's Faculties of Medicine by the Numbers 2010
International Conference on Medical Education (ICRE) CAPER Poster 2009
DataPoint! : Tracking practise entry cohorts of Canadian post-M.D. education programs 2009
CAPER-ORIS Forum: Canada's Faculties of Medicine by the Numbers 2009
CAPER Overview 2009
Recent Trends in Postgraduate Medical Education in Canada 2008
CAPER-ORIS Forum Presentation, May 3rd, 2008 2008
New Family Physicians in Rural Practice 2004
International Medical Graduates in Canadian Post-M.D.Training Programs 1990 - 2002 2003
Ottawa Conference - Canada's National Database of Post-M.D. Trainees 2003
Information Obtained from the CAPER Questionnaire for Postgraduate Deans Concerning the Impact of International Medical Graduates on the Post-M.D. Training Programs 2003
The Class of 1994 - What has changed in post-M.D. training since 1989? 2002
International Medical Graduates in the Canadian Post-M.D. Training Programs 1990- 2000 : Implications for Physician Resource Planning 2001
Interprovincial and International Mobility of the 1989 Cohort of Physicians who Exited from Canadian Post-M.D. Training Programs 2001
Abstract - Who Makes Canada's Rural Doctors? 2001
Is It Taking Longer to Complete Post-M.D. Training in Canada? The Age and Length of Training of Recent Cohorts of New Physicians 2000
The Rate of Subspecialization by Residents Registered in Canadian Internal Medicine Training Programs, 1988 to 1994 2000
The Class of 1989 and Physician supply in Canada 1998
The Class of 1989 and Post-M.D. training 1998